I returned to Ireland in 2019 after many years living in Malta and Cambodia. 

I work mainly in glass fiber reinforced cement (GFRC)  This ferrous cement is either directly applied to armature or cast from clay.  Included sometimes are other materials such as marble dust; engraved inks and pigments as well as fabric; text and indentations.

 I enjoy using  this common industrial material to make objects with emotional value. 


I primarily use the female figure and tend to work in themes around identity and perception to animate persona and attitude.  I make alterations in the characters physical bodies or use symbols to reflect on the intricate balance between outward appearance and internal narratives.

Recent Exhibitions

April 2021 -  Apero Fine Art Magazine front cover.

March 2021 - "Cuckoo Clock" Exhibition.  Perspective Center, Claremorris  Co Mayo

Dec 2020 - Annual Christmas exhibition. Co Clare

Sept 2020 -         "Sculpture in Context" Virtual show 

2019 -         Solo Exhibition– “Flight (and other stories)” Lily Aguis Gallery, Malta

2018   -         Studio 87, Malta Creative Collective 

2018   -         Sea She Sees” Maritime Museum Malta

2017   -         Malta Art Fair; MFCC, Tà Qali, Malta

2016   -       4th Collective, Meridian Hotel, Malta 

2016   -       Villa Castro Pop Up gallery Naxxar, Malta –  2016

2016   -       Group show; Cavelleri Art Hotel,  Malta 

2016   -       3rd Art Collective Meridian Hotel, Malta

2015  -        1st Art Collective Meridian Hotel, Malta - 

2012  -        Solo show “ The illusion of permanence “ Java Gallery, Phnom Penh Cambodia.