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ArtPaper No:7 July 2019, written by Margarita Pule. 

"Sallyanne's work unashamedly funnels her thoughts - loss of belief and a loss of trust in conventional and unconventional religions is evident in her work. There is anger in her work, but its an anger that is processed, and which comes out in something ironic, sometimes humorous and dignified..."

" (The work)My angry Bunnies  speaks of a frustration and impotence that comes from he heart, but its title and the cartoon- like bunnies that sit atop the figure are self depreciating, saving the work from self pity. The same sense of impotence is present in " Flight VII"; again, there is  a will to act, to speak, but the figures faces are covered by strange birdlike shapes; its not clear what is happening, but its clear that some thing is holding these figures bak. And again, despite this frustration, the figures ar calm, almost stoic".  Margerita Pulè is an artist, writer and curator, with a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, and currently editor of The Malta Artpaper.

"The Illusion of Permanence" Solo Exhibition, Phnom Penh 2012

"Reflecting on Cambodia as it emerges from years of broken infrastructure and into a new economic and social future, Sallyanne Morgan’s sculptures are an observation of current lives and past traditions with an underlying uncertainty for what may yet come. During times of change, we often turn to familiar customs and as an artist Sallyanne looks at the different symbols and rituals that define and guide the individual through this process. She examines this very private process through quiet meditative sculptures of life-size figures."  Dana Langlois Curator

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